Private college student instructional grant, mortgage, and scholarship situation files, california

Aerial Photo (131 points, inside the Fort Really worth): Indian places in Oklahoma recognized inside the investigations reports as the acceptable for irrigation, california. 1964. Find Also .

Software or any other ideas associated with land assignments, 1948-55

Textual Suggestions (when you look at the Denver): Program management documents, 1949-66. Allotment appraisals in accordance with irrigation systems towards the tribal countries, 1956-69.Residential property rent and invite situation data files, 1947-69. Various degree and you can surveys to your Crow Creek, Cheyenne River, Fort Totten, Lower Brule, Pierre, and you will Oak Ridge firms, 1947-70. Interaction relating to belongings procedures, 1965-70. Info per tribal countries, 1940-71. Gas and oil renting getting Blackfeet, Ft. Belknap, Crow, and you may Feet. Peck reservations, 1963-72. Belongings survey documents, 1961-69. Ideas according to irrigation and you can reclamation programs with the Indian countries, 1907-69. Info according to irrigation and forestry applications, 1946-70. Drawings and you will technology analysis concerning the Cinch River Irrigation Venture, 1961-63. Oils, gas, and you can coal leases, 1957-69. Coal and oil apartments toward Breeze Lake and you will Blackfeet reservations, 1951-64. Ideas according to wood transformation, 1944-sixty. Wood management arrangements, 1945-70. Information relating to timber cutting and forestry applications, 1958-69. Federal grant scholar files, 1958-71. Details based on bookkeeping and you will government, 1913-80. System topic data files, 1931-64. Allotment ledgers and data, 1916-62. Yearly narrative reports, 1959-61. Subject records of your solicitor, 1913-54. Attorney and you will professional witness agreements, 1942-62. Information according to collection and you can disbursement dates, 1950-65. Central quantitative data files, 1936- 57. Info concerning build methods, 1912-65. Houses and you will resources survey data files, 1968. Deal documents, 1958. A career guidance situation files, reports, and you may accounting details, 1955-71. Property acquisition and you will discretion facts, also information based on payment patents and you can sales, 1962. Funds topic documents, 1925-64. Records regarding the Flathead Institution, 1906-66, for instance the Flathead Irrigation Enterprise. Records in accordance with forestry and you will variety management, 1931- 60, together with forestry and you will variety management subject data files, grazing topic records, and you can grazing it allows. Personal Indian money (IIM) account ledgers, 1961-68. IIM send and handle information, 1971. Handed down appeal credit data, 1959-61. Details based on irrigation, 1885-1961, in addition to decimal documents, reports, and enterprise records. Ideas of your Residential property Functions Branch, 1919-70. Log discount records, 1917-52. Missouri Lake Basin Study (MRBI) details, 1946- 66. Coal and oil rent data, 1946-67. Per capita records, 1957- 67. Floor maintenance subject files, 1934-68. Tribal functions subject data files, 1941-59. Tribal lawyer contracts, 1955-74. Interests topic records, 1939-62.Pupil government grant situation data, 1957-71. College census reports and you will information based on tribal youthfulness informative and entertainment software, 1965-69.

Textual Information (for the La): Oil and gas accommodations, 1951-76. Land rent situation data files, 1953-87. Window Rock law enforcement circumstances, 1967 and you will 1969. Tuba variety surveys, 1934-67. Tuba panel meetings, 1965-79. Textual Records (for the payday loans Arkansas Denver): Tribal and you will personal Indian money ledgers, 1918-62. Correspondence relating to irrigation systems or other institution issues, 1932-60. Individual Indian currency, Irrigation Department, and standard tribal bookkeeping suggestions, 1956-63. Duplicates from checks, harmony and you can audit data and you may deceased private account, 1946-68. Private energies away from attorney, 1949-65. Signed house membership circumstances data files, 1965-67. Facts in accordance with variety and you may animals, 1949-61. Floor and you will water control records, 1952-63. Suggestions per path framework contracts, 1959-64. A job recommendations records, 1952-63. Vocational studies and you may relocation information, 1958-64. Instructional direction records, 1956-69. Guides of your Branch out of Knowledge, 1959-64.

Facts relating to path framework, 1932-68

Textual Details (from inside the Anchorage): Standard subject communication, 1933-63. Mission interaction, california. 1935-47, 1956-68. Work guidelines system administrative ideas, 1957-71, and you can circumstances data, 1957-69. Societal works records, 1952-63. Education communications, 1912-77, and you will system quantitative documents, 1936-68. Adult education documents, 1956-60. BIA university push, 1958-70. 1951-61. Home heirship case records, 1948-64. Private Indian currency (IIM) case data files, 1946-76. Societal degree administrative decimal documents, 1935-68, and purpose correspondence, 1964-69. Passion circumstances data, ca. 1931-63. Microfilm copy away from records of one’s Br sted venture according to political growth of Indigenous teams about Snowy hill area for Alaska, 1933-71 (5 moves). Funds and you will bookkeeping details, 1916-74, including IIM ledger sheet sets, 1942-74, and you may range coupon codes, 1961-74. Native store records, 1939-64, together with individual Indian account (IIA) standard ledger manage, 1949-51; IIA repaid bills, 1941-49; and you may Native shop account, 1962-64. Houses account, 1955-68. Tlingit-Haida tribal enrollments, and additionally birth, relationships, and passing information, 1890’s-1976 (most 1890’s-1972). Community census moves, 1913, 1934- 66. Goodnews Bay Day College or university student files, 1951-62, and you may school data, 1958-70, 1973-77. Facts of Mount Edgecumbe Boarding School, 1941-83, along with yearbooks, university census directory cards, private college student circumstances documents, directives, communication, and you will account. Ideas out-of Wrangell Institute, composed of beginner folders, ca. 1932-75. General and you will allocation ledgers of your own Alaska Office of your Juneau, AK, workplace of your own Agency off Knowledge, 1928-31. Info of your own Seattle, WA, office of the Bureau of Education, Alaska Section, and additionally an appropriation ledger, 1917-twenty four, and you can cashbook and you will ledgers of your own Hydaburg, AK, Exchange Co., 1915-25. A career direction case data files of your own Ketchikan place of work, 1959-70, plus the Kotzebue workplace, 1968-73.

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